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Now Hiring: OECD Foresight and/or Innovative Capacity Policy Analyst

We are expanding our team and looking for experienced career specialists with strong competencies in foresight and anticipation as well as assessing, strengthening, and measuring the innovative capacity of the public sector.

At OPSI, we help the public sector be more proactive and intentional in using innovation to achieve outcomes. Together with countries around the world, we strive to make governments work better and achieve public outcomes.   

We are an innovation team that uses a mixture of approaches and methodologies based in innovation theory, systems thinking, behavioural science, human centred design, and action research. We employ both qualitative and quantitative analysis methods and care about implementation, not just ideas. We value rigor, creativity, diversity, new perspectives, experimentation and collaboration. We strive to build a supportive team environment that encourages curiosity and ambition around our mission.

We are focusing on building up our team in two specific areas:  

These are analyst positions which involve a variety of tasks including research design, action research, comparative data analysis, sense-making, proposing and creating new frameworks, setting up experiments, liaising with governments, building networks of experts and public officials, and designing and leading workshops and seminars.  

We are therefore looking for a well-rounded candidate with the following characteristics:

  • Strong analytical orientation: We value strong analytical background and ability to effectively use data and evidence to support cross-country comparisons and formulating policy advise. 
  • Government experience: Experience in navigating the complexity of government business through lived experience in either enabling change in a government policy sector domain or function, or orchestrating innovation efforts across-government in a central unit/agency. 
  • Solid writing skills: Proven track record in drafting analyses, information visualisation, presenting findings, and communicating to different audiences.  
  • Curiosity: Insatiable curiosity for new knowledge, ideas and methods and the relentless persistence to help governments put these into practice.  

If you would like to join a curious and committed team and push the boundaries of what is possible in the public sector, then this job is for you. For more information on the open vacancy and to submit your application by 2 October 2022, please refer to the official job announcement.