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'Digital pe' e-Platform 'Digital pe' or was developed by the team of the project "Relevant Curriculum, Open Education for All" - CRED, with the support of experts from the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), in order to provide teachers and pupils with much needed digital tools and skills to continue their learning from home. The spread of COVID-19 has put forward the need to speed up the “digitalisation” of teachers’ skillset and didactic…
Respondents' health and safety (Creating new practices to reduce staff exposure to COVID-19 while conducting their core operations) Sharing information and practices with the public or internally (using crisis communication channels, combating misinformation or using knowledge-sharing platforms to keep call center staff up-to-date with COVID-19 information). Public services delivery in new circumstances (Transitions to virtual classrooms)
Exclusive online and free issuance of the Emergency Situation Certificate, which aims to support economic operators in the COVID-19 crisis. The application dedicated to the issuing of Emergency Certificates is active and can be accessed on the platform and is regulated by the Order of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment no. 791 / 25.03.2020. During the state of emergency, the Medical-Military Scientific Research Center, the Scientific Research Center…
At “Groceries at your door” we implement a volunteer based, free delivery process for groceries, based on a predetermined kit model. We deliver 2 different types of food kits conceived by Simona Tivadar who is a doctor and dietician and a kit comprising basic hygiene and cleaning products. We also deliver medication and have developed a procedure with the help of a GP that allows doctors and patients to e-mail their prescriptions directly to pharmacies where our volunteers can pick them up…
The National Bank of Romania (NBR) adopted the following measures: • monetary policy measures: (1) to cut the monetary policy rate by 0.50 percentage points, from 2.5 percent to 2.0 percent; (2) to narrow the symmetrical corridor defined by interest rates on standing facilities around the monetary policy rate to ±0.5 percentage points from ±1.0 percentage points; (3) to provide liquidity to credit institutions; (4) to purchase leu-denominated government securities on the secondary market to…