Citizen control strategy through the Economic Transparency Portal of the Ministry of Finance y Public Credit of Colombia

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The Government of Colombia has developed the Economic Transparency Portal,, a web-based initiative to make visible to the citizens the national and regional public budgets and all public contracting. A strategy was designed with the objective of inviting citizens to carry out social control and oversight of public resources based on the data published on the Portal. Hackathons, rallies and other contests have been held in 2018 in order to achieve feedback and public participation.

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This innovation is about a citizen control strategy through the Economic Transparency Portal of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

In the OECD Study of Integrity in Colombia (27 Oct 2017), it is established that after a long war period of more than 50 years has ended in Colombia, it is necessary to change the mentality of citizens and institutional strengthening to focus efforts in overcoming an old enemy that was present in all the years of conflict: corruption. Although the study establishes that the country has gradually strengthened institutionally in the last decade with the adoption of several management standards, it still takes a lot of work at the local and national level in which citizens will definitely have to play a key role.

Therefore, the study establishes that citizen participation initiatives should be promoted in a way that help national and local governments in the efficient administration of public resources and budgets. In the next paragraphs, some of those initiatives that have been carried out since the beginning of 2018 will be described. Those initiatives seek to fulfill the objective of empowering the civilian population in the oversight of public money and in the generation of proposals for the solution of sensitive social problems.

The Government of Colombia, specifically the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, has developed the Portal of Economic Transparency,, a web-based initiative to make visible to the citizens the fiscal figures, the national and regional public budgets, the public contracting all in the form of lists, maps, infographics and indicators.

A strategy was then designed with the objective of inviting Colombian citizens to carry out social control of public resources based on the data published on the Portal. The strategy includes several actions of which two have already been carried out in the first semester of this year 2018: a rally-like race of visits to public works and infrastructure projects throughout the country, inviting citizens to upload photos and videos to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, thus giving an account of the progress of said works; also a hackathon for the development of collaborative computer applications in order to solve some problems presented in the state student feeding program - PAE, initiative of the Ministry of Education.

The response of the citizens was about 70 teams of Colombians from all over the country for the rally and about 10 student teams of programmers who developed applications or computer models in the hackathon. The winning teams were connected with the responsible state entities in order to achieve feedback on the respective processes.

The objective of these efforts is to advance the principles of open government in Colombian society as a way to fight against corruption and encourage the public to collaborate in the control of public resources.

It is proposed within the National Open State Committee, of which the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit is a member, that a strategy related to Transparency, Open government and the culture of accountability and public participation will be included in the National Development Plan 2019-2022, which is established every four years as the roadmap of the Presidency of the Republic. It is expected to continue strengthening tools such as the Portal of Economic Transparency with a greater number of reports, the improvement of the language of dissemination to the citizen and the programming of similar events to invite citizens to oversight public money using the Portal data, at least twice a year. The above with a view to strengthening the participation of the Colombian citizens in the management of public resources and, on the other hand, continue to advance in the rankings of transparency and Open Government.

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