Ensa Joura

UNDP - Live Lebanon in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, the National Council for Road Safety and MTV (media partner), introduced a new pothole patching technology called "Velocity" and launched a campaign called "Ensa Joura". whereby citizens can pinpoint potholes using a mobile application. The state of the art truck will go to the reported locations and instantly fix the potholes.

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Out of the many problems Lebanon is facing, road safety is a major one. The roads bad infrastructure especially the existence of many dangerous potholes is causing a lot of accidents resulting in losses in lives and money. According to WHO, the yearly death toll is around 1,088 due to car accidents in Lebanon. The Lebanese Red Cross estimates over 10,000 accidents per year and over 14,000 injuries other than the fatalities. According to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, traffic accidents in Lebanon are estimated to cost the national economy about 1.5 per cent of its GDP. Potholes are a major cause for those accidents.
The government traditional way of fixing potholes required two to seven working days using a cutting machine, which caused more damage to the asphalt, a truck full of hot asphalt, a bulldozer and many workers. It left waste on the sideways and caused a lot of traffic. The work is usually guaranteed for 3 months only.
UNDP Live Lebanon launched Ensa Joura campaign with its media partner MTV (Ensa meaning forget - Joura meaning pothole) in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works and the National Council for Road Safety in Lebanon by introducing a new technology to fix potholes: Velocity Machine.
The new eco-friendly state of the art technology is fast, efficient and durable. The potholes are closed in less then 2 minutes. It does not cause traffic, produces zero-waste and does not require cutting the asphalt, which causes impairment around it. The results are guaranteed for 10 years.
The campaign engaged the civil society where citizens could pinpoint potholes and send us coordinates using a mobile application with one click.
Within days of its launching, people started reporting potholes on their way home, to work, or any other destination. We received over 17,000 unique requests from different citizens in less then a week. The data was gathered and published on a map on livelebanon.org. The branded truck roamed the streets fixing potholes prioritizing the heavily reported areas. A weekly news report, which was aired on Friday prime time, morning, afternoon and midnight news showcased the work with before and after pictures.
Ensa Joura hashtag trended on social media and the campaign went viral and lasted 8 months. In total 86 news reports were aired.
Bloggers, Journalists and citizens praised it. Pictures of truck were all over social media and people awaited anxiously the arrival of the truck to their city.
Originally the campaign was funded by 5 Lebanese expats for the amount of 300,000 USD and it was supposed to last for three months. Due to its success, around 30 municipalities and union of municipalities joined the campaign and provided additional funds through a 70/30 % cost sharing agreement with Live Lebanon.
In total, 6,000 potholes were repaired in 92 different areas around Lebanon enhancing road safety and decreasing the number of accidents. This technology is now adopted by a lot of municipalities, union of the municipalities and the Ministry of Public Works.

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