National Open Data Catalog of the Czech Republic (NODC)

The NODC is a data catalog fully compliant with DCAT-AP, the European standard for dataset metadata. It is open source, developed on GitHub, and consists of other open source projects. It can be reused on various levels of government and addresses an important issue with currently available data catalog implementations not in compliace with today’s metadata standards.

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In 2015 when the Czech Republic decided to establish a national open data catalog, only two existing open source implementations were available, CKAN and DKAN. They both have a hardwired data model for metadata, which was not sufficiently compatible with DCAT (W3C Recommendation) and DCAT-AP (Recommendation by the European Commission). Therefore, it was decided that a proprietary solution using existing IT infrastructure of the Ministry of the Interior would be developed. However, it was not user friendly and was considered a temporary solution. A new, open source and standards compliant solution had to be developed.

The current NODC is a national open data catalog implementation focused on data standards. It is an open source software developed on GitHub, consisting of multiple open source projects and their configurations. Its primary function is to harvest open data catalogs at lower levels of the government, creating an open central repository of metadata about open data published in the Czech Republic. The data is fully compliant with DCAT-AP, the European Commission recommendation for data catalogs. The data is decoupled from the rest of the catalog, which comprises a viewer of the harvested data intended for human users, and input forms intended for public administrations not willing to run their own local catalog instance. Everyone is therefore welcome to reuse the data as they wish.

The viewer and the input forms can be directly reused by anyone wishing to view DCAT-AP compatible data or create a machine readable, standardized metadata for their datasets.

In future we aim at creating a standards driven, ready to be deployed alternative to the well established, but non-standard and rigid catalog implementations like CKAN or DKAN.

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Year: 2018
Organisation Type: Government
Level of government: National/Federal government

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