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Launched in June 2018, Openstat Madagascar is an open data platform to highlight the "how" Government should release their data. Developed in a country where there is no Access to Information law, data available on the platform are all under Creative Commons and used as tools for Open Data advocacy program. Other national entities which want to make their data available to the public are welcome for partnership.

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The political will of Madagascar to enter the Open Government during the OGP 2016 though there is no suite until today in addition to a great lack of "open data" in Madagascar constituted both the motivation and the opportunity to built the platform.

Madagacsar 2017 Open Data Inventory (ODIN) score of 6 ranked the country amongst the three last ones in the world. While one cannot even download machine readable data from the National Institute of Statistics official website, a platform where data could be free and regularly updated is a best strategy for civil society to for an open government advocacy.

Openstat is a platform where data are available to all under Creative Commons. The main objective is to advance open data concept and establishing partnership with governmental bodies which have no technical capacity or skills to work on their own data to make it freely open to therefore improve the Access to Information situation in Madagascar.

Six months after its launch in June 2018, we haven't yet monitored the reuse of data available on the platform, but we can identify from our back office people downloading some. However, it has helped in leading open data training and we are on our way in building partnership with local authorities in publishing data on it provided that open data principles are respected.

The website also has an " Open Contracting" component for foreign investment transparency.

Many technical adjustments are on-going. Currently, the platform is being upgraded to become as well an open data demand platform to later on enable the public to demand data to Government. This is expected to be done by 3 April 2019. The future is to match in a one stop digital platform the demand and supply sides of data.

The platform will offer :
- A space for citizen to ask for data
- A space for National Ministry to respond to data request and explaining why the data is not available.
- A space for National Ministry to publish their data
- An Open Contracting space where Government Contracts will be available for transparency and accountability purpose.

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