The Makatizen Card

The Makatizen Card is a pioneering project that brings together social services, information, identification, and financial features to Makati’s constituents. It is a unified, multi-purpose government-issued citizen ID that consolidates financial and social benefits for over 500,000 Makati residents.

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Many public services in Makati are accessible to all demographics. But there also have resident specific services that answer needs dictated by life stage, health, education & quality of life conditions. Though the city has been successfully managing these programs, it still continue to look for ways to execute things better & faster. Technology is a key component in realising this. As Makatizens grow in number, they usher in a mix of needs & personal aspirations. The administration's task is to anticipate what their future needs & wants will be. By supporting these with modern technologies, one can innovate how services are delivered and better predict what we will need to be offered in the future. The Makatizen Card is an example of a program built today to meet the needs of tomorrow. The Card is a Government-issued ID; Financial services card; Loyalty and rewards card; and Social services benefits card. The ID feature is quite prominent & one of the most important. For a Makatizen to receive services properly, the administration need to ascertain identity & other personal info. These provide the basis for the social services that a person requires and ensures that records are accurate so that as the Makatizen moves from one life stage to another, services are adjusted accordingly and painlessly.

A persistent issue with many government IDs is that they are based on little to no verified info. Many IDs do not have the most current information about the cardholder and these may not have all the information required to meet the city's objectives. In a city w/ almost 700,000 residents & millions in visitors & transients, the veracity of identity seriously affects efficient service delivery. The administration wants the Makatizen Card to match at least the integrity of IDs such as driver’s licenses & passports. Applicants have to personally appear & present legal documents that are carefully scrutinised. Additional data is also captured onsite at the Makatizen Card Capturing Areas before applications are acted on. This process clearly establishes the identity of the applicant and meets the KYC standards of the Central Bank of the Philippines. After a Makatizen card is issued, this becomes the sole ID needed for various transactions & benefits coming from the City. At the back of the card are other details such as Cardholder’s full name, birthdate, address; Emergency Contact’s details; Cardholder's digitised signature; Other Government ID details such as SSS number & the like; and the Digitised signature of the issuing authority. The information printed on the card can be quickly checked with the City's database. This makes the Makatizen Card a proof of identity that both Makatizens and the City Government can trust. Soon, the Makatizen Card will become the only ID card accepted from Makatizens transacting with City Hall. The Makatizen Card also comes with an EMV chip, magnetic strip, and cardholder’s signature field.

The Makatizen Card was designed to be a financial card that becomes the holder’s key to cashless transactions. The first financial feature is its mobile wallet. With this wallet, money is cashed in or placed inside via the mobile money system. Funds in the wallet can then be used in various ways such as: sending money to others; paying for utility bills, buying online and so on. The wallet feature of the card also means no more lining up at City Hall to claim benefits. Salaries & bonuses, cash gifts, financial assistance, stipends, can now be cashed into the beneficiary’s Makatizen Card. This convenience will be highly appreciated by both the City and its beneficiaries. Makati City’s landmark programs are best known by names such as Yellow & Blue Card. This is because each social service program issues its own unique benefit card. The Makatizen Card will change this practice. Once a Makatizen is covered by a social service program, his benefits details are also stored in his Makatizen Card’s RFID chip. A good example would be our senior citizens. Usually, they carry three cards with them: Yellow & Blue cards, which are issued by the City & White Card, which is issued by the National Government. Depending on the types of benefits they are entitled, they need to present the appropriate card. Now with their Makatizen Card, one can store their White Card details & activate their Yellow Card & Blue Card enrolments. Within the city, the elderly will use only a single card to get medical services from the Hospital of Makati, claim drug subsidies, receive financial allowance, free movies, birthday cakes, and free Christmas goods. More services will be forthcoming. These include reserving and paying for seats in public transport, using the card to pay for local taxes etc. As the Makatizen program builds more momentum, it will give birth to innovations that even the programme’s stakeholders cannot predict at this time.

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