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The Ministry of Health established a national database on COVID-19, including a central reporting mechanism for health organisations and full medical data on confirmed cases and test results. Aggregated data is used to inform decision makers on the spread of the virus and the appropriate response. Additionally, the ministry of health is promoting a secure platform for researchers and developers to access anonymised data, in accordance with the privacy protection law.
Dashboard and visualisation of COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic by the The Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic. Open data are also provided to support its reuse from these particular sets of information: Total (cumulative) number of tests performed - datasets with incremental and cumulative daily numbers of COVID-19 tests performed according to laboratory reports. Total (cumulative) number of persons with proven disease by Regional Public Health Offices…
This crowdsourcing project collects, analyses and publishes data on COVID-19 in Slovenia. The initiative has been collecting data from various publicly available sources and have a direct connection with health institutions and the NIJZ. The institutions sends structured data, which are then validate and made available in formats suitable for visualisation and presentation to the public, as well as for further work on model development and forecasting.