Innovative use of social media for co-creation of the 4th National Action Plan (2018-2020) – Creation and use of 16 online WhatsApp groups

Innovative use of social media (Whatsapp) platform to increase participation and disseminate information for the creation of Paraguay's 4th National Action Open-Government Plan. These 14 online groups were created to allow citizens from the countryside, from marginalized and vulnerable groups, to be able to participate on an equal standing with other citizens from urban areas with access to policyholders. It is innovative because it was the first time we used this platform to involve citizens.

Innovation Summary

Innovation Overview

The problem the innovation solved was the lack of communication with marginalized, impoverished and hard to reach rural communities. The innovation was to create 14 online permanent whatsapp groups, which still remain, and empower their members to submit ideas, feedback and suggestions to enrich the co-creation of the 4th NAP. Furthermore, we innovated further by freely sharing the links to these groups and allowing anybody to participate, with no censorship or moderation. The objective or goals of the innovation were to increase public participation. More than 1,000 citizens who participated online benefited from this innovation. We envision that this innovation will continue in the future by having these groups empowered to monitor the 4th NAP and allowed to replicate on a local and provincial scale. What is very interesting, is that the invitation for the online groups was included in official communications and invites to participate in the creation of the 4th NAP.

Innovation Description

Innovation Development

Innovation Reflections

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Year: 2018
Organisation Type: Government
Level of government: National/Federal government

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