The Hexagon for Public Innovation (HIP) is a model to accelerate the systemic change of organizations that conceives innovation as networks of conversations, shared wishes, visions and affections. Six vectors summarize the key dynamics to transform a classic institution into a dynamic organization. It was launched in the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State, benefiting key players in 22 countries from public and private sector, as well as civil society.

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Six vectors summarize the key dynamics to transform a classic, hierarchical and closed institution into a network, open, dynamic and democratic organization:

- Open: Open organizations, expand collaborator networks, have two-way conversations, connect it to the demands of society
- Trans: Work in a transversal way, promote interdisciplinary teams, mix and hybridize ideas, overcome bottlenecks in the hierarchy
- Fast: Introduce agile dynamics in the organization, reduce distances between actors, make intensive use of available time, increase the time dedicated to productive conversations
- Proto: Work focused on the production of prototypes, pilots or minimal products, reduce the level of abstraction, align visions and inspire change with examples
- Co: Encourage collaboration and cooperation, co-creation and collective intelligence, enhancing the feeling of belonging and the creation of communities
- Tech: Promote digitization and other technological tools that multiply connectivity, allowing more and better conversations

Based on the analysis of 105 methodologies and the science of networks (nodes, links, hubs, communities...), the HIP model simplifies something as complex and abstract as the creation of an innovation ecosystem, inviting us to think differently about our environment and giving us clues to take action.

The HIP Model has been boosted by the Government of Aragon, a region in Spain. The tools that are part of the model facilitate innovation to any project and institution that want to auto-evaluate improvements to their capacity.

Any organization or project can enter into the HIP Model platform in order to auto-evaluate their performance in the six vectors, as well as to deep into the tools. Thanks to a community of 100 fellows, organization can receive free support to accelerate innovation and improve along the HIP Model.

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Year: 2020
Level of government: Regional/State government


  • Implementation - making the innovation happen
  • Diffusing Lessons - using what was learnt to inform other projects and understanding how the innovation can be applied in other ways

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