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Service shop, developed by the municipality of Larvik:
- is an online booking and calendar solution that allows service recipients to determine the time of receiving municipal services based on the recipients own calender and wishes
- is a secure solution that takes care of the privacy of the service recipients
- makes it easier for the employees to plan their days, the service order automatically generates employee workflow.

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The municipality of Larvik is proactive in participating in projects where the aim is to meet the challenges the public sector will face in coming years, in terms of increased work load and a shortage of resources in the health sector.
Good solutions to the challenges we will meet the next several years should provide realization of benefits, without compromising the perceived quality, neither of those receiving municipal services or in those who every day provide various services to local inhabitants. Larvik is constantly striving to maintain the focus on professional development and high quality of its health care services in parallel with the increased demands and less available resources. Service Shop is Larvik's own innovative-idea. The municipality prioritises time and resources for this project in an effort to meet the challenges in the public sector in the coming years.

Service Shop is a user-friendly and easily understandable technological solution that puts the users’ autonomy and quality of life into focus. At the same time the solution has the potential for efficiency gains and cost reductions in public services.

The idea behind the Service Shop came about when a new co-located property with mostly young people with physical disabilities was established. Several of these people expressed a desire for a more flexible and user-driven service than they had experience with before. The director and head of department as “Marius Brygge” started drafting various paper versions of calendars that could be used for ordering services - from week to week, before the idea of developing an app for this purpose was launched. The app was developed in record time in early autumn 2013, we conducted an intensive pilot project with four recipients after launch. In addition, we also know that the national guidelines, including report. St. 29 (2012-2013) “Tomorrow's care” aims at increasing user control and putting recipients in the driver's seat of their own lives. This strengthened our conviction for wanting to further develop the idea and solution of the pilot project, allowing us to carry out trials on a larger scale and scope, in larger and more user groups.

"Opening time" - the time when services can be ordered in the Service Shop, is defined by the administrator of the department associated with the Service shop, and therefore can vary from department to department. There will also be departmental variation in the number of service providers who are available to provide services within the defined hours. The department's capacity will thus not be challenged more than before, because the scope and quantity of services will remain unchanged. Service recipients are assigned, however, will be automatically distributed within the set time for each department. The recipient is shown available dates on logging in. Services can be ordered at any time up to 14 days ahead within the defined opening time. Time which has already been booked by others will be shown as busy. The recipient must then find another vacant time slot for his order. In this way Service Shop also acts as a tool to help recipients organize and plan their daily lives. It is also about accountability putting an onus on recipients to meet up or be available to receive the services they themselves have ordered.

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