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This case was submitted as part of the Call for Innovations, an annual partnership initiative between OPSI and the UAE Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation (MBRCGI)

“Future Ready” is a project which develops young women and men computer science and entrepreneurship skills. Future Ready enables youth to develop technology solutions that addresses societal challenges and contribute to the growth of the national economy. Overall, the project bridges the gap between public education and job market needs and creating entrepreneurial opportunities for them.

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Somalia is a complex political, security, and development environment, and much of its recent past has been marked by poverty, famine, and recurring violence. After decades of conflict and instability, a federal government was established in 2012, built through national dialogue and consensus. The socio-economic situation of the country is very poor. Poverty cuts across sectors, locations, groups and genders, and approximately 69% of Somalia ‘s population live below the poverty line. Furthermore, critical thinking, life skills as well as technological skills are not taught at school, and there is a demand for tech skills by large companies.

"Future Ready” aims to develop a cadre of job-ready and entrepreneurial youth. The project gives Somali youths and women hands-on experience creating new software and applications to develop critical-thinking and skills for life and careers in the digital world. Future Ready contributes to youth learning and skill-building through advanced curriculum and programming within the STEM fields in addition to creating a cadre of highly motivated, skilled, and engaged women and men innovators and job-ready recruits with universal skills for the 21st century, and to provide readiness and credentials for college and careers. Participants are encouraged to engage users through field visits and testing their prototypes.

This approach has garnered attraction and support as a social aspect is considered within the “future ready” methodology, which goes beyond a technical training. The vision is for “future ready” to expand across Somalia, localizing the materials and building the capacities of national organizations to be able to deliver the training to more young women and men. UNDP Somalia has designed an innovative curriculum whereby participants are addressing real Somali challenges identified through initial studies and proposals in the applicaDons, incorporating elements of human-centered design with the technical training in coding for prototyping in addition to extensive entrepreneurial training to ensure 2 UNDP Innova+on Facility | 2018 Call for Proposals the apps are economically viable. The program aims to introduce technological skills amongst youth, to build a large community of app developers that are contributing to real social impact whilst creating new employment opportunities.

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