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The MSIP Observatory is an interactive tool presenting spatial data of the City of Krakow useful for residents, investors, tourists and anyone interested in our city. The map consists of many layers presenting different kinds of information i.e on architecture and urban planning, nature protection and ecology, administration and security, tourism and history of the city. It's interactive and user-friendly and it implements the idea of open government and open data.

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The main objective for launching the MSIP Observatory map portal was to provide access to the public spatial data (depicted on the maps) collected and produced by the City of Krakow.

Our aim is to provide reliable information regarding the activities of authorities to the city and residents by publishing information about, among others: plantings and greenery, decisions issued regarding development conditions and construction permits, locations of GSM masts and directions of electromagnetic impact, noise pollution, planned strategic investments, and land use. In cooperation with the Police, we present data on the location of police stations and the scope of their operations together with contact details.

The MSIP Observatory website supports sustainable development by publishing and presenting data relevant to the strategy and changes that are taking place and will take place in the city, for example: spatial development plans, floodplain maps, SMART projects, Wi-Fi hotspots, historical objects and historical maps of the city.

The MSIP Observatory is an interactive tool presenting spatial data on the city of Krakow useful both for residents and for investors, tourists and anyone interested in our city. The data presented on the portal comes from the Departments of the City of Krakow and Municipal Organizational Units. The data is updated by individual Departments and Units. Thanks to this, residents and investors have access to up-to-date information from public registers online 24 hours a day. They no longer have to personally come to the office to obtain important information.

For example, until recently, to find out whether a zoning decision was issued on a given plot it was necessary to come to the office submit an application for provision of such data. Now all this information is available at your fingertips.

The portal consists of a series of mapping compositions dedicated to various users. The residents of Krakow and local social organizations that use our data when planning and submitting projects to the Citizens' Budget are the main recipients of our portal. The architects and planners who use our data in their daily work and entrepreneurs who want to develop their investments in our city will also find information of interest

However, our portal is not only an official data viewer. Dedicated tools allow you to, for example, add data from other sources, create your own sketch with a short comment, and prepare and print your own maps. In addition to presenting spatial data from the City of Krakow, as part of our portal, we publish tools enabling contact with the residents – the so-called Geosurveys. Thanks to this innovative and easy-to-use applications, users can actively participate in the life of the city by submitting their comments, for example on smog fighting issues. In the past year, as part of the partnership with academic communities, we have also started publishing mapping compositions that were created as part of projects implemented by the students of Krakow's universities.

The launch of the new map portal is another step on the way to giving wide access to the public data in our city. At this moment, we are already preparing another project that will develop our application providing additional tools, facilitating the search and download process and increasing our opportunities to interact with residents.

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Year: 2016
Level of government: Local government


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