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e-insan: Integrated and People Oriented Mobile Platform


e-insan is an integrated platform, offering a wide range of services based on equal opportunity and accessibility for employment and lifelong professional development. In addition, it supports data-driven decision-making processes. The platform provides job and internship opportunities, online training for employees, and many contents of career development for youth and creates a talent pool with verified data. Blockchain-supported e-insan increases efficiency and transparency in HR management.

Innovation Summary

Innovation Overview

As the word “insan” in the name of the mobile platform stands for human, the app is developed by taking people into its focal point by uniting human-centered functions at a single service point. Namely, e-insan integrates innovative career tools developed by the Human Resources Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye (The Office) inside a mobile application to increase accessibility and equal opportunity. In this sense, it enables users to benefit from a wide range of human-centered, career and development-based services from a single point, and it is a unique mobile application worldwide. Furthermore, it will benefit from cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

With the technology-oriented, high-accessibility, ease of use, equal opportunity, and transparent provision of services combined at a single point, a wide range of services are provided via e-insan, and all kinds of career services that our citizens will need throughout their lives are offered at a touch on a screen through this innovative system. As a result, the professional development from education to the retirement of our human resources, which is a nation’s greatest asset, is supported. In detail, as a super-app, e-insan has five main tools as follows:

  • Career Gate has been developed by the Office to increase meritocracy, equal opportunity, efficiency, and effectiveness in public employment. It supports transparently sharing of all part-time and full-time job postings of public institutions with citizens. Thus, citizens can easily reach career opportunities in public institutions on a single platform. In addition, all public institutions use this system to carry out all their recruitment and selection processes.
  • Talent Gate enables university-student-employer interaction easily and conveniently for career development purposes. With this tool, students/graduates can reach and apply to various career opportunities like job/internship postings, career fairs, training programs, workshops, case studies, etc. Furthermore, students can make appointments to conduct either face-to-face or online meetings with career counselors through the platform.
  • Distance Learning Gate has been developed to equip public employees with appropriate knowledge, skills, and competencies. It is aimed to enhance human resources efficiency by increasing the quality of training and development activities and providing equal opportunity. Moreover, it is the first comprehensive platform offering common and centralized online training to improve public institutions' digital capacities. Also, institutions can share their content with other institutions in line with their expertise.
  • National Internship Program ensures equal opportunity for all university students accessing career openings with transparent, merit-based, competency-based, traceable, and innovative evaluation methods in cooperation with all public institutions and voluntary employers from the private sector. In addition, the program guarantees anonymity as the hiring institutions cannot see the name or other personal data of students other than their professional qualifications.
  • YTNK.TV is a free-to-use digital training tool that supports young people's career development with equal opportunity through various training programs and live broadcast recordings. It helps raise their awareness about their careers and enables them to make realistic career choices aligned with their qualifications. Live broadcast recordings and various training supporting skill development contents are currently available on YTNK TV.

e-insan is an integrated mobile platform combining all digital career tools mentioned above and developed by the Office. Blockchain technology will also support this platform that verifies data, including lifelong skills, competencies, activities, and achievements, and moves them to a digital ledger. This technology aims to increase our human resources' international mobility and accreditation, switch to a competency-based evaluation system based on verified data in the internship, recruitment, and promotion processes, and improve efficiency in the public sector.

Innovation Description

What Makes Your Project Innovative?

e-insan is a unique and innovative platform since it has a wide range of career services for a wide range of audiences just inside an integrated mobile app. Instead of using many different usernames/IDs and passwords, citizens can sign on with a unique e-insan user ID in an easy way. It is ensured that the user experience and satisfaction are enhanced. In this regard, job and internship listings from the public and private sectors, training materials for students, public sector employees, and the general audience are provided via the e-insan mobile application. e-insan aims for efficiency, transparency, and equal opportunity for everyone with its cutting-edge technology supported by blockchain, enabling citizens to have verified data of their lifelong skills, competencies, and success. Additionally, data discrepancies between institutions are eliminated.

What is the current status of your innovation?

The e-insan mobile platform is an ongoing project being improved with cutting-edge technology infrastructure. New features are being developed to increase functionality and diversity of services provided. Since it is a people-oriented and integrated mobile application, it gives importance to the needs of people with leading technology. In addition, we are working on the integration of artificial intelligence inside the e-insan platform.

Innovation Development

Collaborations & Partnerships

The main contributors of content inside the app are public institutions, private companies, and universities. They can create job/internship postings and professional training and provide students and graduates with career counseling; however, they must follow a list of quality standards to ensure the app's quality.

Users, Stakeholders & Beneficiaries

The app is especially beneficial for the end-users such as students, graduates, and employees from the public and private sectors. On the other side, there are collaborators, including universities, public institutions, and other employers, that publish related content.

Innovation Reflections

Results, Outcomes & Impacts

A single user can benefit from a wide range of products inside the e-insan application. It results in user unification and unites databases into one database, which makes data-driven policy-making more efficient. Moreover, with the help of artificial intelligence-based infrastructure, users get leads from the platform, which helps them to boost their career life with related educational trainings, postings, and events directly related to their fields and interests.

It is expected that providing all these opportunities to users under a single platform will increase accessibility. In addition, the platform will ensure international mobility and accreditation of human resources, provide a basis for developing a competency-based evaluation system via verified data, and improve efficiency in the public sector.

Challenges and Failures

Integrating five innovative platforms that hugely impact the public into a platform to increase accessibility and opportunity equality is challenging since it has many stakeholders and a wide range of user profiles. For instance, 3.8 million public sector employees use the Distance Learning Gate tool, and hundreds of thousands of university students use the National Internship Program tool to find an internship. On the other hand, the Career Gate tool is focused on job-seekers in the public sector, and millions of citizens are using it to apply for jobs and monitor the processes.

In addition, more than one million students and graduates use the Talent Gate tool to find jobs/internships in the private sector. These findings show that there is a variety of user profiles that have different needs from the application. Therefore, in every stage of the application development, the user experience and range of contents are shaped by caring for the range of users and their expectations.

Conditions for Success

As many users benefit from the e-insan mobile platform, the aim of increasing equal opportunity, transparency, productivity, and accessibility can be achieved. Furthermore, decision-making processes are getting more technology-based and data-driven with this tool. Technology infrastructure is one of the critical success conditions, as an insufficient infrastructure will lead to failure in implementation. Progressively, e-insan will be more accessible when existing systems are well-integrated, and the infrastructure is well-developed.

Since user experience is an essential criterion for digital tools, the application design must be user-friendly. In addition to the design, creating a dynamic content structure in the application is another factor that affects the success or failure of the adoption of this system.


e-insan has a ready-to-use infrastructure and tools inside. Therefore, it can be scaled and transferred to other countries’ usage, and any nation can benefit worldwide.

Lessons Learned

  • Going Mobile: As the public goes more mobile and technology-oriented, services are becoming easier with mobile applications.
  • Ease of Use and Accessibility: Creating a user-friendly platform is vital for an inclusive digital platform that appeals to a broad audience. Each target, who may have different qualifications, must easily access and use the platform.
  • Raising Awareness: There is a wide range of training inside the app via Distance Learning Gate and YTNK.TV tools. These raise awareness about many topics, such as human rights, career development, and sustainability.
  • Transparency and Accountability: With the services offered equally to all users and fair evaluation processes, the system is regarded as reliable by the users.
  • Equal opportunity: Students, graduates, and professionals can access all kinds of digital services related to career development and business life based on equal opportunity.
Year: 2022
Level of Government: National/Federal government


  • Developing Proposals - turning ideas into business cases that can be assessed and acted on
  • Implementation - making the innovation happen
  • Evaluation - understanding whether the innovative initiative has delivered what was needed

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Date Published:

24 January 2023

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