National digital Identity and legally binding e-signatures based on Mobile-ID technology branded “Asan Imza” from the Republic of Azerbaijan

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Asan Imza is the world’s fastest growing national digital identity in the form of Mobile-ID, which is secure, trusted and issued by the government of Azerbaijan. Based on PKI (a public key infrastructure) it is an irreplaceable tool empowering across all sectors, from public to private, including financial institutions and Mobile Network Operators, allowing to digitally verify your identity and create signatures equal to handwritten counterparts, regulated by law.

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Asan Imza fully follows KYC (know your customer) international requirements. The system has been used for more than 70 million transactions, while the e-signature platform connects 52 countries.
Secure and robust technology is applied, as the identity is embedded on a mobile phone sim-card through certificates, constituting as a document equal to a national passport or physical ID-card in the electronic environment. Highest security standards are in place, surpassing all required international requirements (the highest level of assurance). Mobile-ID works perfectly on a smartphone and a traditional mobile phone equally. The main purpose of this innovative technology is to empower citizens making life easy, convenient and less bureaucratic in a secure and trusted manner. Asan Imza has changed the e-service delivery concept in Azerbaijan, where it is effectively used for provision of both public and private electronic services.

The revolutionary technology is here to simplify and secure the way to carry out transactions online anywhere, anytime just with a mobile phone inserting PIN codes and we can proudly state that the system has operated without any breaches in security.
We are on track eliminating bureaucracy in our lives, that does not produce meaningful value and providing freedom to move towards desired goals by focusing on core activities.
Identity is the cornerstone of all legal interaction between people, businesses and the state. A person’s ability to prove who they are is a prerequisite to signing contracts, conducting banking, accessing government services and performing countless other transactions.
All diplomatic missions and consulates of the country are empowered to issue mobile Residency- electronic certificates of mobile ID (Asan İmza) to foreign citizens all over the world willing to conduct business in Azerbaijan or investing in the economy of this country.

This project is a key enabler for accountability and governance - we can’t hold someone’s wealth in an account without knowing who they are; we can’t conduct transactions without being sure of the counter parties. It is a prerequisite for a functioning economy, as establishing identity is foundational for economic, social and political opportunity. It is a fundamental human right - the United Nations recognizes identity as a fundamental human right and has included “providing a legal identity for all, including birth registration, by 2030” as one of its Sustainable Development Goals (UN target. 16.9)

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Year: 2014
Level of government: National/Federal government


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