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An interactive public art display that we used during a community event to engage with residents and share information about TaaB.

“Transportation as a Benefit” (TaaB) Program

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This case was submitted as part of the Call for Innovations, an annual partnership initiative between OPSI and the UAE Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation (MBRCGI)

Reliable transportation is the primary barrier to stable employment for shift workers. Our solution leverages existing technology to provide “transportation as a benefit” through an integrated network of on-demand transportation options. We will quantify savings for employers due to reduced turnover and increased employee productivity, incentivizing them to fund the program long-term.

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Reliable transportation is the primary barrier to stable employment for shift workers, contributing to annual turnover upwards of 55%. Turnover costs approximately $3,000 per employee and has cascading socio-economic impacts.

Our solution delivers transportation as a benefit by connecting shift workers with the most appropriate and reliable transportation service through an integrated network of on-demand providers. As a result, employers benefit from reduced turnover and increased employee productivity and by quantifying these savings, we will incentivize them to fund the program long-term.

South Bend was named a Champion City in the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge in February 2018. We spent the past six months running a series of transportation pilots to refine our innovative solution. The results from this pilot phase were compelling:

All participating employees reported that the program made it easier for them to get to work reliably and that they would be interested in participating again, even if they were responsible for paying a portion of the ride costs. The majority of participants were able to work more hours and their employers experienced a significant reduction in absenteeism and late arrivals, leading to benefits including increased scheduling flexibility and decreased overtime costs.

Our four employer partners from the pilot phase, including South Bend’s two largest employers, have committed to providing financial and operational support moving forward. As we transition from reliance on grant funding towards employer contributions, we will refine the cost structure of the program and continue to explore cost-sharing between employers and employees to deliver the benefit as efficiently as possible.

The TaaB program will increase take-home pay by preventing attendance-related job loss and allowing employees to work previously inaccessible shifts. Employers will benefit from reduced turnover and increased employee productivity, leading to cost savings and greater workforce capacity. New businesses will be drawn to South Bend and contribute to a stronger local economy.

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  1. We in Syracuse, NY developed a low cost Shuttle To Work program to meet the needs in our area. Most companies here are not interested in paying for workers transportation but have 2 supporting a small subsidy.
    Ours has a low cost and we received a small grant and have helped 72 people since August 2018.

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Year: 2018
Level of government: Local government


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  • Evaluation - understanding whether the innovative initiative has delivered what was needed
  • Diffusing Lessons - using what was learnt to inform other projects and understanding how the innovation can be applied in other ways

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