OECD Declaration on Public Sector Innovation

The OECD Declaration puts the spotlight on innovation

The OECD Declaration is an OECD legal instrument that establishes five principles, and associated actions, that governments or public organisations can use to inform (or enhance) innovation and its management.


Download the flyer with the five principles and the next steps here (in English) and here (in French).

The OECD Declaration:

  • Provides common principles, actions, concepts and language
  • Legitimises innovation
  • Supports the expansion and improvement of innovation to address a variety of challenges and to leverage opportunities


Access the full text of the OECD Declaration and view the list of adhering countries here (in English) and here (in French)


We collaborated to create the OECD Declaration

The OECD Declaration reflects the many conversations and studies we have been having with Members, Partners and our National Contact for years. We hope it sparks many more!

2014 to 2017: We talked about the possible use and usefulness of such an instrument at our conferences, increasingly there was interest and enthusiasm among Ministers and other conference attendees.

2018: We co-created the first draft with our National Contact Points group (a group of representatives from OECD Member countries) and reworked it several times. A version of the draft was presented the OECD Public Governance Committee. Then, it was opened up to public consultation so the international innovation community could input. We launched the public consultation at the 2018 OPSI conference, with an event and the online ‘Declare to innovate’ campaign.

2019: We closed the public consultation, after receiving 97 pieces of feedback (representing both individual and collated group responses) from 38 countries. We improved the draft with everyone’s comments. At the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting, Ministers from OECD member and non-member countries chose to adhere to it.

We will work with you to use the OECD Declaration

The OECD Declaration was designed to be used by governments and organisations in ways that are relevant to their context. Different individuals will get different things out of it and can use it in different ways.


Download the flyer on how different OECD Declaration users can engage with the document here in English and here in French.

OPSI will work directly with countries and organisations to understand what the OECD Declaration means for them, contact us to discuss how we can help further.


Do you support the declaration?

If your country or organisation wants to support the OECD Declaration, work with us directly to make it happen.

Support today

Join the ‘Declare to Innovate’ campaign

We created this Declaration on Public Sector Innovation to affirm that governments need to find new ways of contending with complex challenges, if it is continue to serve citizens well. If you support this aim and want to show that you have participated in the consultation, download  and print the Declare to Innovate poster and snap a picture of yourself. Tweet the photo to OPSIgov using #declaretoinnovate



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