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Bogota’s Citizen Complaints Dashboard (Tablero Control Ciudadano) is a preventive and social control web tool that displays the requirements that the citizens put before the public offices. The Citizen Complaints Dashboard gives access to public officials and citizens to the analysis and monitoring of complaints, claims and compliments entered into the System.

The Citizen Complaints Dashboard highlights alerting data related to issues regarding time of attention to the requirements as well as greatest concerns to citizens, promoting efficiency of the administration.

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The District System of Complaints and Solutions from the city of Bogota compiles nearly 300,000 annual data since 2013. Citizens who receive services at the public offices have provided the data in the form of complaints, claims, and compliments. This information, which rests in the servers used by the Citizen Service Offices, is highly misused and in most of the times, it is incomprehensible for any decision making process and for the population itself.
The citizen’s concerns that rest on the District System of Complaints and Solutions are of valuable importance for the improvement of services for several reasons: they work as valid service improvement suggestions, they allow analyzes regarding different phenomena related to the efficiency and effectiveness of the actions of the City Administration, and lastly, they are an important resource for both, executives as well interested citizens in social accountability.
The Veeduria Distrital, which functions as a preventive control agency, verifies that the authorities in charge of handling complaints and claims respond in a timely manner and generate solutions to citizens' requirements. In addition, for the past five years, the Veeduria Distrital has been developing a six-month report on the District System of Complaints and Solutions delineating entities’ behaviors.
The Bogota Citizen Complaints Dashboard  is a preventive and social control web tool that displays the requirements that the citizens put before the city offices. It allows the various city offices to improve their customer service, based on an evaluating tool for the information contained in the District System of Complaints and Solutions. In addition, it also allows an analysis of citizen concerns and complaints, presenting them in an informal language, promoting a better understanding between citizen’s requirements, in terms of issue, administrative sector, location and response time.
The Citizen Complaints Dashboard gives access to city officials, citizen advocates, and citizens themselves to the analysis and monitoring of complaints, claims and complements entered into the District System of Complaints and Solutions – “Bogotá te Escucha”. It highlights alerting data related to issues regarding time of attention to the requirements as well as greatest concern to citizens, generating an opportunity to formulate public management solutions.
In addition, the tool’s performance is fundamental within the preventive action framework, because it allows city officials and citizens to have an interactive tool to help them understand the citizens' behaviors and concerns based on monthly monitoring. The tool promotes a visualization of the agile data and facilitates its search by promoting information from graphs, search options by sector, subject and location.
The Citizen Complaints Dashboard mainly benefits the citizens as well as the many offices directors, as it promotes social accountability and within the offices, it promotes the data analysis assisting the decision making process that will have the capacity to monitor, evaluate and formulate preventive actions, projects and public strengthening the Administration's capacities to respond to the needs of citizens, thus improving their quality of life.
Within the City Network of Complaints and Solutions (District Decree 371 of 2010), the Veeduria Distrital identified the need to have a tool for entities and citizens that allows them to know in an effective way and in informal language, the results of the behavior of the citizen requirements. Consequently, the Veeduria Distrital decided to implement the Citizen Complaints Dashboard and began the functional design of the tool in which its scope was defined.
In 2017, the project was submitted to an international competition organized by Bloomberg Associates Organization where the Veeduria Distrital was a proud beneficiary of a technical assistance of data scientists supporting the effective development of the idea. Among other beneficiaries were initiatives by Paris and New York, who had the opportunity to develop projects with the support of Bloomberg Associates.
At the end of 2017, the scope of the project was extended to 15 additional sectors of the District Administration that incorporate 54 city public offices.
The project was carried out through 13 Skype meetings with the participation of the District Oversight team (7 public servants) and the Bloomberg team in New York - USA and Buenos Aires - Argentina.
In addition, weekly training sessions were held between data scientists and Veeduria Distrital's staff in order to analyze the programming language used by the Citizen Complaints Dashboard as well as the adjustment related to the design, structure and presentation of the data, among others.
The Citizen Complaints Dashboard construction was completed during the first quarter of 2018 and put into service in April. During the months of May and June of 2018, a total of 15 training sessions were held with each of the 15 secretaries and their management teams. In addition, within the framework of the administrative committees, sessions were developed in which the participation of the executives of the offices affiliated and linked to these administrative sectors was counted.

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Year: 2018
Level of government: Local government


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