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Azerbaijan's Digital Trade HubIt is the first e-trade and e-commerce portal guaranteed by the government. The launch of Digital Trade Hub is a leading factor behind the country's 27% rise in non-oil exports, supporting local producers reaching external markets.



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Digital Trade Hub addresses the need for globally interoperable solutions through basic research with respect to the foundations of trust and trustworthiness, actively support the standardization process in relevant areas, and provide trustworthy services which will ease the use of eID, mID and electronic signature technology in real world applications.
All transactions are legally bound according to Digital Trade Hub partner country legislation. One of the unique attributes of the Digital Trade Hub is its arrangement based on the public–private partnership principle and corporate governance standards. Private companies are involved in the development of the platform and in building cross-border e-services. The Digital Trade Hub is integrated with global e-commerce players like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. It offers useful cross-border e-services including B2B and B2G services, customs operations between Digital Trade Hub partner countries, online company registration, online bank accounts and more. Validation scheme of e-signatures between Digital Trade Hub partner countries following the EU’ e-IDAS standard. The Digital Trade Hub enables showing how practical compliant applications can be constructed and utilized with the aid of the developed Digital Trade Hub components to ensure direct presentation of European electronic products and services from all 26 member countries, GUAM countries and all other partnership-countries all over the World to Azerbaijan and vice versa.

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Year: 2017
Level of government: National/Federal government


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