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This case was submitted as part of the Call for Innovations, an annual partnership initiative between OPSI and the UAE Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation (MBRCGI)

Insights.US is a tool that helps governments and cities obtain insights directly from their stakeholders, and update participants on their personal impact on the final decisions. This method makes the public be more engaged in the outcome of public governance.

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Insights.US addresses a key challenge that every public sector leader faces at some point: one cannot make decisions alone. We will never have conclusive evidence on the best approaches to take, as the problems we all face are complex – otherwise somebody would have solved them already. Furthermore, we need the support of many partners for the delivery of any significant change, from accountants to stakeholders. Governments and cities all over the world invest millions of dollars and thousands of hours in roundtables, one-on-one calls and media work. But we can hardly make everyone a partner: roundtables are limited in size, and media can't really help us listen.
To address this problem, Insights.US aims to give greater voice to the public through online consultations. Learning the challenge from within (at the Israeli Prime Minister's Office and at the OECD Public Governance Committee), it became clear that we need a new tool to enable governments and cities to collect advice, turn it into bottom-line insights, and update each participant on his/her personal impact on the decisions. Unlike expensive consultants, this tool might be "below the threshold", to enable a micro-purchase without a long procurement process. Hence, every manager should be able to create a question, invite stakeholders and manage the project himself/herself. That's what we developed at Inisghts.US: a scalable, self-service platform for inclusive decision making.
Two of the key features that make the platform unique are the analysis of free text responses for up to thousands of answers and the personal feedback loop which informs each stakeholder of their contribution to the decisions.

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Year: 2011
Level of government: National/Federal government


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