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This case was submitted as part of the Call for Innovations, an annual partnership initiative between OPSI and the UAE Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation (MBRCGI)

HubGov is an interinstitutional program of innovation in Government that has the participation of institution from the three spheres and three powers. Through a learning trail in innovation and intrapreneurship skills, each institution comes up with a complex challenge and at the end of the program presents a solution proposal to this challenge.

Innovation Summary

Innovation Overview

WeGov is a private company which spreads the culture of innovation in public institutions, through workshops, events and programs. We present ourselves as a Learning Space for the Government and our actions are driven by our three principles:

  1. “Empowering public employees”
  2. “Enlightening scalable ideas and actions in the public service”
  3. “Fostering interinstitutional relationship among public employees of the three spheres of government and the three branches of power”.

The HubGov program was created to bring together different kinds of public institutions and public employees of different areas and contexts. During 4-6 months, we went through a process similar to the one that ‘startup accelerator: starting with an institutional challenge and had access to mentoring, coworking space, the possibility to connect with intrapreneurs of other public institutions, trainings on innovative topics, methods and tools, and learned how to work collaboratively.

In addition to face-to-face activities, HubGov has a virtual platform that organizes the different contents covered in the program and allows interaction between Hubgovers. Everything was built in order to keep the public sector up to date with society changes. The motto of the program is: “more than innovations, we need to create innovators”.

The program was carried out with 14 public institutions and 55 public servants from Florianópolis/SC. In 2018, it launched the program in four brazilian states (Santa Catarina, Goiás, Brasília and São Paulo), counting with 26 public institutions and 120 public servants. Additionally, HubGov conducted the programme with the Federal Court of Santa Catarina, which had 55 public servants participating, and now we are currently performing the program with the Federal Court of Espirito Santo.

Since 2017, they have had 41 institutional teams, 19 public institutions (some of the institutions participated in more than one edition) integrating this network of 225 public innovators formed by the HubGov Program. The goal of the program was to provide public employees with the tools to innovate and cultivate in them the will to innovate. Yet, some of the projects developed will be implemented by their institutions and some have already been started, running or delivered.

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  1. It’s a good exemplo for Brazil! Our country can explorer the inovation spirity of them government employeers to offer the best service to citizen. I saw face to face how this program work and I was impresse with the countless possibilities. I believe in this project!

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  • Identifying or Discovering Problems or Opportunities - learning where and how an innovative response is needed
  • Implementation - making the innovation happen
  • Evaluation - understanding whether the innovative initiative has delivered what was needed
  • Diffusing Lessons - using what was learnt to inform other projects and understanding how the innovation can be applied in other ways

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