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The reason for the development and launch of our e-solutions was to facilitate the collection of initiatives and proposals to eliminate administrative burdens and review their implementation in one place.

Our innovation provides users with an on-line one-stop-shop solution, where they receive all information about activities in eliminating administrative burdens and preparing better legislation, and enables systematic collection, resolution and monitoring of implementation of proposals.

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The preparation of improved regulations and the elimination of administrative barriers has been handled by the Ministry of Public Administration (Ministry), which often noticed that more and more citizens, business entities, interest associations and public servants are greatly burdened by administrative barriers which arise from legislation, as well as by barriers that emerge from the implementation of legislation. At that time, our Ministry did not have a special channel/electronic address (except a general one) to which the interested public could send their questions, proposal, initiatives and complaints.

Therefore, many proposals or initiatives did not reach the appropriate recipient, so the appropriate or competent person was not informed, and the proposal was not considered, leading to the fact that the competent authorities, which could have replied with appropriate content to the message, were not notified about the problem, and so the initiators did not receive any feedback. Since our Ministry had noticed that the elimination of administrative barriers was a very current topic and is necessary in Slovenia, we set up a special e-mail address in the first phase, i.e. [email protected]

The ministry set up the above electronic address as a channel to be used by the interested public to contact us in cases when they encounter administrative barriers which aggravated the implementation of procedures during their activities and everyday lives. The electronic address has become quite well recognised and visited, and is thus used by an increasing number of the interested public. In this way, we ensured that initiatives, proposals and questions are collected at one place and sent to competent line ministries for further resolution in the shortest time possible. The way that the system worked was that new initiatives, proposals and questions (messages) were received through the electronic address. The receiving ministry studied the initiative and forwarded it to the competent authority. Firstly, the ministry had to adapt the mentioned initiative to the operations of the state administration, appropriately transforming it and then sending it to the competent authority. When the ministry received a response from the competent authority, it sent the answer back to the proposer. The ministry did not have an opportunity to publish the proposal with the answer on the website or to notify the interested public. This fact is also one of the key reasons for establishing the online portal STOP the Bureaucracy.

The STOP the Bureaucracy portal plays a key role, since it represents a link between the administration that prepares regulations and controls their implementation and the public, who can find information about the administrative measures for reducing administrative and legislative burdens in one place.

The public can use this portal to monitor proposals, initiatives, their implementation and effects in one place. Users can also review all proposals by category (e.g. finance, the economy) or by competent authority. The website intended for proposals provides access to statistics on initiatives at any time, i.e.: the number of initiatives published, the number of replies from authorities and the number of incentives which have not yet received replies from the competent authorities. The support application enables the ministry to rapidly prepare statistics according to a larger number of parameters. It is important that users notify and inform the portal about the administrative barriers they encounter. The STOP the Bureaucracy portal enables users to do this, since it is ensured that information about barriers is forwarded to the competent authority. In this way, users contribute to the common goal set at the beginning of the project, i.e. to improve the legislative framework and make the economy more efficient.

At this moment, the current portal is being renovated from the content and visual standpoint.

In the Single Collection of Measures application, we publish proposals that are in the process of realization. We also publish best practice cases that result from cooperation between citizens, business entities and public administration bodies via the Stop Bureaucracy portal. Competent ministries report about the progress on proposals that they are dealing with every four months. This application is available online and it is a great tool to control government work.

Every year, minimally 10 measures from the STOP the Bureaucracy portal are evaluated on their concrete effects on the business environment or citizens/general government.

In the future, we plan to unify management and classification of proposals in the area of better legislation for the entire state administration.

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Year: 2013
Level of government: National/Federal government


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