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New approaches and methodologies open up possibilities for the public sector to address the challenges of today and tomorrow. However, just because you have a toolkit or a process does not mean that innovation will happen. As with many other things, you also need to apply human skills and competencies to bring about a change. Expertise navigating novel situations and managing innovation often only comes with practice. Additionally, acquiring and managing expertise looks very different...
We here at OPSI recognise the value of celebrating innovation, regardless of whether the innovations are great successes or whether they are failures that we can all learn from. An increasingly popular way to celebrate innovation is through awards that can provide well-deserved recognition for innovative teams and projects, and sometimes even funding to help take innovations to the next level. They’re great for surfacing examples and for inspiring others but they can also leave...
OPSI releases a new call for case studies from city governments to identify success stories in local public sector innovation. Access the city space of OPSI and fill in the questionnaire online to share your story by November 15, 2016 (details in blog). We invite you to contribute to our innovation scan and submit innovative city practices on the OPSI submission form.  Case studies on what and what for? Cities have become the engine of...

An innovative public sector?

Last week over three hundred people from the public, private and civil society sectors descended on the OECD in Paris. Why? To discuss an innovative public sector. For some of you that might sound like an oxymoron, but over two days stereotypes were left at the door as participants shared stories and learnt about innovation in the public sector.