Using Client Experience Surveys to improve service delivery in Canada

The Client Experience Measurement Survey Model was developed by Employment and Social Development Canada to gather and analyse client feedback to improve service delivery to its clients. Canadians have been able to express their views on government programs and services, which have informed the way programs and services are designed and delivered.  The survey allows the tracking of service satisfaction, ease of access, effectiveness of service delivery, and the experience of particular programs and client groups in depth. It provides accurate and reliable data on satisfaction drivers, service improvements, and client groups facing barriers.

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The Client Experience (CX) Measurement Survey Model was developed to support management decision-making about the delivery of programs and services delivered to Canadians. The department was missing information on whether client needs were being effectively met in the context of its Service Transformation Plan. The objective of this innovation was to create an approach that, thanks to sound methodologies, would provide ongoing high-quality client data on program and services to support evidence-based business decisions. The survey provided accurate and reliable data on satisfaction drivers, service improvements, and client groups (such as e-vulnerable, Indigenous, people with restrictions, remote and rural clients) facing barriers. With the results of its surveys, the department provided evidence of the client perspective and uses the data for: 1) reporting on corporate, and program and service performance reporting; 2) informing service design at the operational, program, and policy level; and 3) providing evidence regarding the evolution of the service experience as service improvement initiatives are implemented.
The CX Measurement Survey Model will inform another type of survey, the CX Service Channel Surveys, which would provide real-time client data with a view to monitor regularly service delivery performance and gather service insights for the Phone, Web, and In-person service channels. This other type of survey was piloted last year and, considering the positive results received, we are in the process of fully implementing this initiative. The whole department and Canadian citizens benefit from this innovative approach. The Government of Canada is exploring the possibility of implementing this approach or a similar one at a broader scale in the Government of Canada.

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