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An Economic Reform Governance Model to reform design and delivery of citizen-and business-centric public services was introduced in 2016. Aim of the Model was to eliminate barriers, ensure transparency, develop digital public services and expand competitiveness through increasing engagement of civil society and businesses in the reform process. Implementing 136 reform initiatives by passing 55 legal acts enabled the government to create more favorable social-economic opportunities for citizens.
“Azerishiq” OJSC has created an innovative and enhanced e-service for providing electricity of up to 150 kilowatts to the existing or under-construction buildings of entrepreneurs.  As a result of these reforms, entrepreneurs will be able to apply for an electricity connection through the One Window system online by visiting website and the entrepreneur’s business will be provided with electricity within 20 days.
Azerbaijan's Digital Trade HubIt is the first e-trade and e-commerce portal guaranteed by the government. The launch of Digital Trade Hub is a leading factor behind the country's 27% rise in non-oil exports, supporting local producers reaching external markets.    
Asan Imza is the world’s fastest growing national digital identity in the form of Mobile-ID, which is secure, trusted and issued by the government of Azerbaijan. Based on PKI (a public key infrastructure) it is an irreplaceable tool empowering across all sectors, from public to private, including financial institutions and Mobile Network Operators, allowing to digitally verify your identity and create signatures equal to handwritten counterparts, regulated by law.