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TrueMed will change the brand protection market with modern AI based software approach for detecting originals and counterfeits around the world. TrueMed’s innovation is the next generation method for rapidly detecting goods, at any point of distribution, by customs or even consumers. It can be used by brand owners and authorities in global and cross-border collaborations. It is 100% non-additive, hence very cost-effective, agile, and capable of being adopted to different use cases.
RLS-Sciences is a network supporting multilateral scientific cooperation between 7 regions on 5 continents, in the context of a political regional development forum. It was developed to take advantage of the scientific potential in the regions, to advance science via an organised network of cooperation, and to inform regional policies. The structured collaboration occurs at the intersection of science and government and is based on the principle of mutual trust and the culture of dialogue.
The seeds of the Open European Dialogue were planted in a context of crises that had put a strain on cross-European relations; this strain has only resurfaced through the current global pandemic. To mitigate political tensions, The OED was established as an informal yet constant link between policymakers across Europe. The innovative, member-led platform supports a unique process of dialogue that fosters cross-border collaboration among parliamentarians.
Societal challenges such as demographic change affects rural areas in particular. The Social Foresight Lab is an innovative participatory approach towards rural development and technology transfer to address these challenges. It combines foresight, needs assessment and strategy development. Rural areas benefit, as it takes into account regional characteristics, initiates new cooperations among regional stakeholders, and integrates technological and social innovations into regional development.
The Flexi-Team helps advance top priority political projects, which could not have been implemented with the currently available staff. The team supports all divisions of the ministry that have temporary staff shortages due to absences or unfilled positions, or due to short-term projects. Furthermore, the Flexi-Team promotes a more flexible work environment in the ministry e.g. by establishing the use of modern knowledge management methods and by offering support in creative design processes.
In reaction to the sudden arrival of tens of thousands of refugees to the city of Hamburg (DE), MIT and Hafen City University's City Science Lab created a public participation and decision-making process for refugee accommodation in Hamburg neighbourhoods. 'CityScope FindingPlaces', an Human Computer Interaction platform, was designed and deployed to facilitate dozens of community meetings with ~500 participants, resulting with 160 locations accepted by Hamburg’s citizens to be developed for…