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The Hexagon for Public Innovation (HIP) is a model to accelerate the systemic change of organizations that conceives innovation as networks of conversations, shared wishes, visions and affections. Six vectors summarize the key dynamics to transform a classic institution into a dynamic organization. It was launched in the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State, benefiting key players in 22 countries from public and private sector, as well as civil society.
In 2020, Barcelona Alumni’s global virtual platform was launched to leverage the network of international talent educated in Barcelona but residing abroad and contribute to feeding scientific evidence into the local policy-making process. By connecting international experts and local challenges, this first-of-its-kind digital platform provides a pioneering approach to policy-making, making it more crowdsourced, evidence-based, replicable, scalable, accountable, and transparent.
The "miDGT" mobile app allows citizens to carry a digital version of their driving license and vehicle's registration and technical certificates, as well as receive alerts and news of interest, make payments of fines or taxes and access digital services. It is the first time a digital mobile driving license or registration certificate is issued in Spain, and it helps create an ecosystem for personalized mobile services for citizens to interact with, thus simplifying bureaucratic procedures.
Vilawatt aims to move the energy transition forward in Viladecans through an innovative governance structure where citizens play a key role. The project has set up a public-private-citizen partnership (PPCP) that manages 4 key services: energy supply (100% renewable origin); consulting & training to increase energy awareness & energy culture; energy retrofitting of buildings; new local currency linked to energy savings.
SciTech DiploHub is a pioneering nonprofit public-private partnership backed by leading research centers, universities, non-profits, startups, corporations and public institutions that deploy Barcelona's science and technology diplomacy strategy. It has the mandate to elevate the role of science, technology, and cities in foreign policy and make Barcelona a more influential player on the global stage through its contribution to sustainable development and the global public good.
In response to the generalized lack of political accountability and availability of public information, this online tool provides an open and qualified access to the Spanish Parliament’s activity, related to the implementation of the Agenda 2030.It promotes a transparent and participative implementation of this agenda and allows CSOs, policy makers and the media to monitor political proposals.The Spanish Government has included Parlamento2030 as one of the tools of its 2030 Agenda National…
The Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa presents the program entitled Etorkizuna Eraikiz (Building the Future) as an innovative program for a more open and collaborative governance. Etorkizuna Eraikiz incorporates public deliberation with the citizenship for the design of public policies, ensuring the effectiveness, efficiency and plurality of this participation. The program consists of an active experimentation exercise to develop the future of the territory.
CONSUL is an online platform for public participation in decision-making, launched initially by the Madrid city council and subsequently adopted  by several governments all over the world. The platform benefits from its open source code, making it free for any government, or CSO, to make use of it and propose improvements. CONSUL is designed for citizens to voice their concerns and participate through the development of proposals, votes for new laws, debates, crowd laws, participatory budgets…
Governments through all over the world are struggling against disaffection from the people. Incapacity to participate in policy-making, it’s a common perception among citizens. Citizens has the right not to participate, but administrations has to ensure the right to get involved in policy-making. IREKIA was the first participation portal in Spanish & Basque languages and it has been made in Open Source Software and in its recent version offers and Government Program public tracking tool.