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The single digital platform of the Peruvian State offers guidance information for citizens about procedures and services. It centralizes the institutional pages of all entities, as well as all their regulatory information, publications, news and campaigns. It is focused on being an accessible platform that can be used by all people on all devices, considering principles of accessibility and inclusion.
The digital compensation scheme was created to support Norwegian businesses to endure the financial consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. The scheme designed was quick, efficient, and can be relaunched when needed. Checks are done before the disbursement, which minimizes the need for verification afterwards and also prevents misconduct. Applications are approved by an auditor, and then automatically processed and checked against information from a variety of sources and registers. Information…
Citizens and businesses often face complex, expensive and non-transparent procedures in order to acquire licenses, permits or certificates, or to fulfill their obligation(s). To solve this issue, the Register of Administrative Procedures (RAP) and its public portal provide information about more than 2300 procedures for citizens and businesses within competences of more than 90 authorities in Serbia – all in one place.  It makes public services easy, transparent, predictable and accessible…
ANII, in collaboration with the private sector and the support of Uruguay's Ministry of Health, is piloting a novel Open Innovation Initiative (MH2030). Ageing populations and rising numbers of people with multiple chronic diseases are placing an increasing burden on health systems. There is a need for improving healthcare by fostering an innovative environment. Through this new co-creative approach, local entrepreneurs work collaboratively with partnering healthcare institutions to tailor and…
The Knowledge Platform with the working title of 'ERA-volution' is a community space for dialogue on current EU initiatives between policy makers and stakeholders in Slovenia in the fields of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. In this way, we aim to strengthen the co-design and joint implementation of policies in these areas, to support cooperation of Slovenian stakeholders in EU initiatives, and effectively promote synergies between the fields.
DYPA, the Hellenic Public Employment Service (former OAED) has developed myDYPAapp, a mobile application that provides citizens with access to DYPA’s online services from their mobile phones. It was launched in February 2021, as an adaptation of DYPA’s services to new needs and modern technology that require the digitization of services, interaction and immediacy in serving citizens’ needs. myDYPAapp is innovative as it includes a wide range of user interaction possibilities with DYPA.
The innovation is a platform where all government sectors and private sectors can acquire the UAEPASS (Federal Digital Identity) log-in Application Programming Interface (API) and other services from a single platform. Similarly, in this platform the end-user can install the API without interference with the UAEPASS Operation team.
The Greek education system needs about 50,000 substitute teachers every year to staff schools. In order to begin teaching,  these teachers have to travel to their district education headquarters to sign their one year contract with the state. Through the Substitute Teachers Platform, the contract is signed digitally, avoiding unnecessary travelling and allowing for the necessary information systems of the public administration to be updated in an interoperable way. This innovation thus saves…
"Plaza Mayor" is an innovative multi-channel citizen participation project used by the public administration to collect citizens' proposals. Both face-to-face and digital media were used simultaneously to give a voice to the entire Asturian population. The data analysis methodology used allows for an immediate implementation of the results obtained, as well as the reuse of the information in the future.
The Unique Scholarship Portal (Portal Único de Becas “Beca tu Futuro”) is a web platform that aims to concentrate all scholarship opportunities in a single portal. In this way, it documents and manages everything from the publication of the call for applications to the awarding of scholarships. The portal benefits all the citizens of the Dominican Republic who wish to apply for a scholarship. Moreover, the portal serves as a management tool for the scholarships' evaluators and the…