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The Hexagon for Public Innovation (HIP) is a model to accelerate the systemic change of organizations that conceives innovation as networks of conversations, shared wishes, visions and affections. Six vectors summarize the key dynamics to transform a classic institution into a dynamic organization. It was launched in the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State, benefiting key players in 22 countries from public and private sector, as well as civil society.
The Indonesian Government has initiated “I-Gateway” as Hub for ASEAN Trading Document, enabling electronic data exchange such as certificates of origin to ensure authenticity, reduce paper work and eliminates redundancy. I-Gateway connects both domestically among national agencies and internationally with other countries. It validates and reconciles documents efficiently, to ensure its security as well as business process simplification and harmonization, aiming to higher ease of doing…
Governments traditionally don’t share information and learnings and they are often slow to evolve. OneTeamGov is an innovative community that spans the globe, bringing together individuals who are committed to radically reforming government services and learning from each other. OneTeamGov are an entirely volunteer-run network of individuals who continue to share ideas, project learnings, new ways of working, and continue to push government to be better for all.
The Innovation Compass/Recorder helps to better understand enabling factors for public sector innovation and to support governments in identifying fields for improvement and in sharing good practice across institutions and borders. The Innovation Compass builds on the experience from the Scandinavian region, based on statistical surveys and reflective self-assessment. It was developed by a cross-sector network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS) is responsible for the implementation of unified state and European Union support policy in the sector of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural development. The project was initiated by the need to reduce bureaucratic burden and help customers to receive support easy, quickly, without mistakes. RSS cooperated with different stakeholders, such as private sector organizations, service providers, clients and professionals from agricultural holdings.
Ukraine has a large amount of state owned assets which are in most cases mismanaged or sold via corrupt procedures, meaning a large portion of funds never reaches local and state budgets. ProZorro.Sale developed an advanced electronic auction system, which introduced complete transparency and digitised the state asset management process. Through fair and innovative online auctions, coupled with open data, the system has replenished local and state budgets by $1 billion in 3 years.
Indonesia has a wide and complex structure of government which provides different and interconnected types of public services. In this context, public participation in reporting complaints and dissatisfaction with public services delivery nationwide plays a significant role to ensure better quality of public service delivery. SP4N-LAPOR! has been established to become a one-stop national complaint handling management system in public services.
A growing number of challenges face the province from an aging population and growing debt to successive one-term government and a disengaged public service. Given these challenges, there is a growing consensus in the public service that change is needed despite organizational structures and behaviours that favour the status quo. As a result, GNB’s “Innovation and Design services” has evolved to help public servants become better problem solvers and move towards a more human-centred…
"It’s My Turn!" (to Speak) is a card game that gives children an active role in their community. Children are given cards to answer questions related to activities they like to do, to climate change or simply their neighbourhood. This enables the identification of citizenship issues concerning kids, engages them and the community (schools, families, etc.), and is the starting point to identify and implement local projects based on their civic participation and on that of the community as a…
Tens of thousands of low-to-moderate-income families in Fort Collins live in energy inefficient housing that perpetuate health and economic disparities. The solution, “Epic Homes”, is an integrated, scalable public-private partnership model to “find, finance, and fix” energy inefficient rental properties and document health and well-being impacts. Epic Homes leverages private capital to offer simple and attractive financing for energy upgrades to achieve social and environmental…